The CB Field: Day One

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Today, I worked in the field. Wyoming Dinosaur Center has several working sites and the one I worked in (for short) is CB. Every site has an abbreviation for this. CB means Cheryl's Blind, named for a woman who stumbled over a dinosaur bone.

We were on a side of the Wyoming cliffs/mountain.


That bone led to a series of excavations including a baby allosaurus, adult allosaurus, and a sauropod that had been eaten and shoved into the muddy shallow lake of the Jurassic. The site has already been dug down several feet and the crew identified several bones. Today, our objective was to get as many out as we could before the rains return.


Anything black or dark is bone, like the bone near the bottom of the picture. The white is solid rock and we had to use a pick to get most of it out, using short brushes/dustpans to sweep out debris. Sherrie, a center's worker, can be seen in the background.

The struggle was long and hard, eventually we tired and went to lunch. When we returned, we took a circle saw to it and carved grids to make the chipping easier. We pulled out several pieces including a thin bone that had crystallized on the inside.


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