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I worked again at CB. The site has been redeposited which means the animal died in another place and weather, scavenging, or a body of water moved it to where it lies now. That is why some bones have been articulated, fossilized on top of each other where they normally wouldn't have, and why the bones appear scattered and out of order.

(Total station)

We did some mapping today: total station and radio mapping. These maps allow us to take pictures of the fossils and construct a 3-D image of the remains and the earth around it. Not only do we keep count of all the fossils that come out of here, but in what condition and what position so it can tell us more about the Jurassic Period.

I need five days in the prep lab (complete) and five in the field. I need now only another half to full day at a digsite and to take the certification test. Because of internship work (at the new e-magazine HOSTAGE for the young and successful) and summer classes, I needed to complete some work that couldn't be done after 3 here (5 on the East Coast).

I'm not sure if I'll be able to complete the intermediate certification that I mentioned, but I definitely follow-up on writing the article. I will also try to learn as much as I can for intermediate even if I can't test for it.

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