dinoField Work: Day Three - WBS

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Working at a new and crumbly site today WBS, which stands for West Beside (or Big) Sauropod, and I saw my first dino tooth fall out of the ground. And it was a baby theropod allosaurus!

Sorry about the focus, that was best I could get.

It was two centimeters in length and right after this we found another bone covered by orange rock. The tooth, we speculate, was shed by a baby carnivore that was eating the sauropod we were focused on. Carnivorous dinosaurs typically shed teeth like sharks.

It was in two pieces and the head field guy Tristan thin glued it back together. Surprisingly, it's mostly complete. We triangulated the discoveries and documented them on the map after assigning them a number, something you have to do for all fossils.

Jake pointed out that the tooth was found a 2:30 (tooth hurty). This great discovery came after digging all morning without any finds. We had been digging further on already documented bones, including this one that looks like a train:


 It was just the right motivation as the afternoon sun started to burn. WBS sits on the opposite side of the mountain from CB, a little higher, and in a thicket paved by a road that throws you around in your seat even when you're packed to the max.

Views from WBS and BS

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