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Today, I started work outside on CB field again. It has rained the past few days, water seeping and sitting under the tarp, and finally loosened the rock hard rocks. We were able to pull out several new chunks of bone, but many of them came out in several pieces.

Good news is that strange bones (possibly skull) have been coming out. A few days ago an "S"-shaped bone (ear canal) and a "U"-shaped bone surfaced near the same area.


After lunch, I finally tested with two other volunteers basic prep lab certification. I think I passed. The exam was oral and I basically had to remember/memorize simple information from the 3 pages of the training packet.

(It was supposed to be a half field, half lab day, but it really ended up a dinoField: Day Four CB.)


When I returned to the CB site, I took pictures of the other near sites including SI, FS, and BB. SI is where it all really began with a camasaurus finding on a dried up, pitted riverbed. FS is controlled/rented by Malcolm, a man who works with the center and brings in his own interns. BB is where the bones I've been working on the prep lab came from those decades ago.

(Bumps in SI)

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