dinoLab: Day Four

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We finally put together the parts of the bones (using 5 minute epoxy) we've been working on. This epoxy is not water-soluble and you should not wipe it or touch it. Let it drip and dry overnight and then break it off. Otherwise it will heat up and stick to you (forever!).


The bone actually turned out to be an Ischia bone rather than a pubus. We also filled in more of the gaps with regular, colored epoxy. It measured 68 centimeters long, at it's thickest 26cm wide, opposite end 18 cm wide, and middle 10 cm wide.

(The ischia is this part of the animal)

This process is called restoration and reassemble. We had to make sure the surfaces were clean before doing this so dirt and other materials didn't get stuck to the bone and mess up the alignment.

(Before epoxy, see dinoLab Day One or Two for before air tools and scrubbing)

I also continued working on the little piece, chipping away chunks of dirt and rock using only minimal effort thanks to an air tool. However, the same air tool kept vibrating the fragments and breaking bone off. Every few minutes, I'd have to stop, glue the piece back on, and set it under the lamp to solidify. Eventually, I just turned the project over to the Prep Lab guy, Wahl.

Important Things I learned:

  • Clean up your work station periodically. This helps you to look busy when you really are just taking a break. Also, it keeps pieces of bone fragment from mixing with disposable rock.
  • Reuse and recycle. In a drawer, there are all kinds of canister lids, tongue depressors, broken toothpicks, etc. (More iSpy stuff)

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