dinoLab: Day Six

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Because of heavy rain this weekend, the crew had to work in the Prep Lab all day. The roads, muddy with clay, were too dangerous to drive up. I continued to work on the vertebrae that I started the other day.

The bone is so fragile I had to keep running thin/thick glue in the cracks and filling big chunks with epoxy. I also found, by accidentally breaking right through it, that the vertebrae has sheets of bone as thin as paper.

On one of the paper thin bones, I found two small holes and Wahl told me to document it as they aren't normal.


Things to look forward to:
  • Tomorrow I take the basic prep lab certification test.
  • I have the opportunity to test for intermediate prep lab certification.
  • The rest of the week should be dry for more field work.
  • Wahl suggested Deposits Magazine may be interested in an article about my Wyoming Dinosaur experiences.

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