dinoLab: Day Three

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Picture of possible bite marks on my sauropod bone:

I also found out that BB site stands for Bone Bed, where the fossil was found. It's down the ridge from the CB site, where I was for the first field day.

A little bone came out of the big, front section I was working on yesterday and I cleaned it up:


Things I learned today:

  • Do not dance to the music in your iPod. There are windows behind my table so the museum-goers can see our work and us.
  • The Prep Lab is like playing iSpy. I found a Tostitos jar, kitty litter boxes and jugs, jeans used as a dust flap, and a buttoned-up shirt cut up to be made as rags.
(View of my seat from windows)

The rotting of the bone (before it fossilized) has made it difficult to clean. Pieces keep breaking off and flaking, creating pocket-marks in the bone. So much thin glue was needed today.

I learned how to use epoxy to fill in the breaks. It has been dyed to closer match the color of the fossil and lines have been made to mimic the grain. It can later be painted to the appropriate color.

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