dinoLab: Day Two

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Things I learned today:

  • My bone comes from digsite BB and I have no idea what that stands for.
  • I'm working on the mid and front section of a pubis bone, which is near the hip.

  • When brushing and picking away the dirt with water, if you pay close attention you can tell when you hit bone as it is slightly softer.
  • Some of the brown stuff is actually bone or the shell covering the bone and if you go further you scratch it off.
  • The fossils look better with bits of dirt still in between the grain as it adds definition.
  • You can blast away whole chunks of stuff or overprep the fossil so pay attention.
  • A vinegar/water mix can help remove tough dirt or glue and won't damage the bone as long as it's washed off.
  • It's more like everybody breaks a bone everyday than just once.
  • If you leave your iPod at the hotel, your mind will wander so bring a notebook to write down thoughts or you'll drive your partner crazy with talking.
  • No matter how many times I lotion my hands or condition my hair or stay out of the sun, I will feel dry and dusty and my hair will frizz.
Everyday paperwork for these fossils also has to be written out. It starts at the field if any chips or breaks occur then. In the lab, we have to document the number of the bone, who worked on it, for how long, where we worked, who assigned us this project, any findings (like bite marks), any injuries to the bone (like a scrape or something that needed glue), and draw the important marks on the fossil.

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