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I had Friday off - reason why I didn't post - because on Saturday I worked the Kids Dig. Parents sign their kids up for a fee and we (volunteers, interns, and supervisors) teach them the basics of Prep Lab, including air tools, and of field work.

Because of the rain, the kids couldn't go out into the field. Instead, they learned how to make a mold of ammonites or trilobites, paint and keep a mold of an allosaurus claw, dig out their own fossils to keep, complete a scavenger hunt, and in-depth tour.

It was quite fun. It was refreshing to work with children and to teach again. I'll be doing more of that as a summer camp counselor for Lifetime Fitness when I get home. That's right! I did find a job that works around this schedule. Though I worked there last year, I wasn't sure if they'd be able to work with my certification schedule, but they pulled through and I'm really excited to see the children again.

But back on topic, the kids in Wyoming had a great experience working with behind-the-scenes and with real paleontologists, touching real bones from the ground and even taking some home. As the program expands, children from further away attend. This time we had children from Texas, Colorado, Wisconsin. I wish I had that opportunity as a child. And, though they were excited, most of them were well-behaved for 5 to 10 year-olds.

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