Kids Dig Two

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On Saturday, there was another Kids Dig. This time the weather was nice and for the morning we went out to the hill. We worked at the BS site and many of the children found fragments of bone. Some they got to keep, others were big enough that we set them aside for study.

After we did some prospecting at the Sundance site. Sundance used to be an ocean during the Cretaceous. From the ridge, many rocks come apart and crumble down the mountain. Within this dirt pile thousands of shells, ammonites, and belomnites can be found. The best part: you can keep as much as you can carry.

The rest of the day went pretty much the same as the last Kids Dig. I taught in the prep lab while another group learned molding and casting. Then we switched, toured, and the kids went home.

They were a cool group of kids and smart too. It surprises me every time how much kids know and can soak up in an afternoon.

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