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My journey is coming to an end and I feel I should write a bit about the people. Thermopolis, with its Hot Springs State Park, sees a lot of tourists during the summer.

Today there was a car show. I don't know a lot about cars, but they were cool-looking. Antiques, corvettes, mote carlo, vipers, mustangs between 1920s and 2008.

On normal days, the town is pretty quiet, older folks walking the park. The first day at the Dinosaur Center, we met two young women that work behind the counter. They gave us their numbers and told us to call them if we ran out of stuff to do.

I would have loved to call them, I should have, but I never did run out of things to do. The Wyoming Dinosaur Center has an intern house down the road from it. Every so often we got together to play soccer, watch Jurassic Park (with our own commentary), or go out to eat.

People at the dinosaur center, despite some lacking formal college education or graduate degrees, are intelligent and easy to hold a conversation with. It's difficult as a dinosaur person not to have a conversation about evolution or the ends of eras.

The townspeople are also very open. I only entered one shop the whole time that had propaganda and slander on the radio. I also haven't encountered any racism, which as a mixed kid, I worry about when going west or south. From a local, I heard that Wyoming is a pretty accepting state as a whole and Thermopolis even more so. If someone had seen something wrong going on, they wouldn't stand for it.

All in all, I've had a pretty good time and would one day like to return. My last day is Monday and then I'm in the air again.

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