The CB Field: Day Two

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My second day on CB and so many bones were breaking my fingers got glued together from the thin and thick glue. Much later and with the help of Debonder, did my fingers come apart. The rain from the night before loosened the first and softened the cement-like rock. In other places, the rock was still as stubborn as ever.

Intern Kelsey and her bone, which later needed glue.

After hacking away without success, the rock would suddenly fracture straight across the fragile bone. Pieces of rock, described by volunteer Carlos Peredo, as shrapnel shattered and caught in me in the face many times.

The good things is this day did not stretch on as my last out in the field did. As we chipped away, the interns, volunteers, and I discussed literature from The Outsiders to E. E. Cummings to Twilight. We swapped movie quotes and creepy internet sensations.
Before five (quitting time), the rains moved in and we packed up early.

Ominous clouds in the distance

Thing I learned:
  • "As the crow flies" means the most direct route.

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