Tourist Adventure: Part Three

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Last Sunday, Carlos (my boyfriend and co-volunteer) and I walked into Thermop town to explore. We had been to Pumpernicks before, a quaint lunch/dinner restaurant with great burgers including bison.

This time we visited Thermopolis Cafe, a breakfast and lunch joint. It had the staple breakfast foods and burgers (a little bigger and more expensive than Pumpernicks) and vibrant western paintings with reds and purples and greens. The backs of the waitresses shirts also say "Mmmm..." I chose their special, jumbo shrimp, and I said "Mmmm..." too.


These shops are on the main street which has the only traffic light in the entire town. Behind the light is a mural that defines the town: Dinosaurs!



As it was a Sunday, not much was open and we couldn't visit the Thermopolis museum or malt shoppe. We visited the dollar store, looking for souvenirs for family, when we found a great painting. Of course, it wasn't a dollar (almost $20), but the tiger was so captivating and the frame came with it. It also would in the suitcase and we seized the opportunity.


Mickey Hannah said:

What Is the dinosaur behind you made of?

Aja Hannah Author Profile Page said:

It's probably made out of metal.

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