Tourist Adventure: Part Two

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OMG Bison!


After visiting the hot springs walk and swinging bridge, I hiked up to the Bison Reserve/Buffalo Barns. Note: For this trip, you should take a vehicle. If impossible, bring a lot of water, sunscreen, and a hat and take a lot of breaks. There is little shade, the roads are long and the small hills are difficult in Wyoming heat.

I did walk and got sun sickness and a bit dehydrated on the walk back. Also, there are no fences between you and the bison, so it is a bit terrifying and dangerous when you turn a bend and there they are. Though I must say there were signs everywhere that said "Bison are dangerous".

The work was worth it. The view walking up the road is amazing. For the east coasters (again), the Rockies are nothing like the Appalachian. The reds and greens and plateaus and formations are flushed together.


Every so often there would also be these mythical chasms, one named The Spirit Hole and the other was bigger and named for the Devil.


Then the bison, giant animals who smell like cattle, I could catch their scent on the wind before I even saw them. From far away, their calves looked like lionesses.


You can go to the Thermopolis website to ask for a brochure of these and other tourist sites. They will also send you a map. In most Thermop museums or hot tourist spots, there are also these brochures.

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