Starting at the Top

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"You have to have an ear for what kinds of satisfaction really matter to [people] and then try to find ways for them to get to their own goals. With the real self-starters, they'll tell you."  - William Hearst III from Coffey

This reminded me of Haiman's idea on page 12 about how to motivate workers to make accuracy a high priority. "One way for an editor to convey to the staff a high priority for accuracy is to build accountability for being accurate into annual performance reviews."

As a perfectionist, I always try to get 10/10 and Haiman's strategy above is a great motivator. If annual performance scores are high, chances are those team members will also receive better bonuses.

However, Coffey's quote reminds me that not everyone will care or pull satisfaction out of a score or review. Different people are motivated by different things. Chances are one of the new Setonian students won't care as much about the grade as I would. In order to pique their interest, I may have to try from raising in the ranks or working towards a more profitable future.

The accountability also brought up another idea in me. To hold others accountable, you must first hold yourself accountable. If I get mad at a student for not using AP style, then I'd better be checking my manual with my own articles first. Also, as an editor, I am now accountable for my staff writers mistakes.

It starts at the top.

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