Growing up? Maybe not.

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"These are adults, many in their 20s, who are behaving, for the most part, like young adults."
-When Young Teachers Go Wild on the Web

    I thought that this quote summed up the point of the article very well. These adults did not take their positions or age seriously. In our society, the point of growing up has not been pushed to a later date. This point in life just seems to have just disappeared. There is no longer an age when young adults are expected to begin acting like full-fledged adults.
    The thought is a scary one. Many people are not motivated to do something unless pushed. Growing up is a prime example of this. If they don't have to grow up, will they? Probably not. If young teachers, or any other young adults, are permitted to stay in their immature state, they will.

    The point I took from this article is the sad state of immaturity in our younger population of what we call adults. These adults are set as examples for the children of our nation. If these "adults" cannot find it in themselves to grow up now for the sake of their students, when will they grow up? Let's hope it comes sooner than later.


Aja Hannah said:

Your view on this matter is very different than mine, Ms. Hull. Maybe you should read my blog on this article; it happens to be longer than yours.

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