Isn't It Ironic?

" "Then God bless you!" said Faith, with the pink ribbons; "and may you find all well when you come back." " - Nathaniel Hawthorne "Young Goodman Brown"

Irony is such a funny thing, don't you think?  You hear stories of ballerinas tripping over curbs and breaking their ankles, and racecar drivers dying in car crashes, but saying something and the opposite happening?  Talk about ironic.

When I happened to come across this quote, I thought nothing of it.  However, upon reading further into the story and finding exactly what happens to Faith and Goodman Brown, I couldn't help but look back and laugh.  At what is perhaps the weakest moment in the young couple's lives, the Devil manages to make Faith eat her words.

Now, I know this may seem frivolous and unimportant, but I thought it was so hilarious!  Especially after you have read further into a story where the character becomes incredibly predictable, I sit there reading and start to talk to the characters!  In this story, it was no different.  As Goodman Brown is walking into the forest late at night and everything seems so dark and dreary, it's as if the setting is yelling at the character, and it's saying, "GO BACK!!  DON'T BE A MORON!!"

If only he had listened...


Haha I like the last part. Like really, the dark setting was so obvious that nothing good was going to come from that night. After I read a story where a character seems to act foolishly I always say to myself "if that were me I would never have done that". But in Goodman Brown's defense... the setting seemed so obvious for a reason. We're the reader viewing his story... we're supposed to see these things, but Goodman Brown is just the poor character.

Going into the forest at night at a time of witches and thoughts of meeting the devil, I think he knows what he is getting into.

Is this the horror movie syndrome? We see what is going to happen and shout, "Don't open that door, moron!" Just as the jiggly cheerleader and jock get ripped to shreds. This whole story is like a string of bad ideas linking the poor man to his destiny. Well, more like insanity. Nothing is the same for him afterwards. Andf I don' think it is just the dream part, as much as a "what if" scenario. Brown doesn't want to be a part of their lives anymore because he doesn't know for sure that the people he knew before aren't witches. What is worse....having a bad dream, or having a bad dream and not being able to differentiate reality from that dream?

This made me laugh when I read it, because it's so true. In scary parts of movies I always wish the characters could hear the background music because it's always a giveaway that something bad is going to happen. But Goodman Brown had it easy: just look around you, dummy, do you really think this is going to turn out well??

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