There Are Only 2 Certainties in Life: Birth and Death

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"New feet within my garden go,
New fingers stir the sod;
A troubadour upon the elm
Betrays the solitude.

New children play upon the green,
New weary sleep below;
And still the pensive spring returns,
And still the punctual snow!"
- Emily Dickinson, "Section III. Nature, Poem I."

Reading through this poem, there was one thing that caught my eye the most. That one thing is the life cycle that is represented. The "new feet…[and] fingers" in stanza 1 are the newborns coming into the world, while the "new weary [sleeping] below" and "the punctual snow" are the dead that have left.

Or perhaps I'm reading too far into this…who knows?? For an English literature scholar, the smallest amount of words can mean a world of definitions. :)

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