Adults who THINK They Know All

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" "A goose with hands, Uncle Remus!" the little boy exclaimed.
"How you know goose aint got han's?" Uncle Remus inquired, with a frown.  "Is you been sleepin' longer old man Know-All?  Little mo' en you'll up'n stan' me down dat snakes aint got no foots, and yit you taken en lay a snake down yer 'fo' de fier, en his foots 'll come out right 'fo' yo' eyes." " - Joel Chandler Harris, Nights with Uncle Remus, I: Mr. Fox and Miss Goose

I just found this quotation amusing with the fact that two things:

1. The child is able to acknowledge the flaw in his Uncle's tale with a goose having hands.

2. The uncle is strange and ignorant enough to believe that a snake has feet.  And that is just on top of the fact that he calls his nephew dumb!

I rest my case. :)

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