Podcast #6 - The Scarlet Letter FINALE!

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Podcast 6 shows when Dimmesdale and Hester go to meet Pearl by the brook in the forest.  This particular moment is one of shock for both the reader and the characters.  For the characters, this is the moment when the entire family, mother, father, and child, is united, although not in public.  To the reader, this experience is slightly off-track, as is seen through the oppositely structured descriptions.  For example, the two parents are seen as unsure as they watch their daughter, Pearl, slowly advance toward them as if she, too, is uneasy about the meeting.  This certainly isn't something to expect in the reunion of parents and a child.

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Pearl was a peculiar child as well as perceptive. She obviously sensed something was going on, after all it had been just her and her mother for so long and now this man, her father, enters into their lives more intimately.

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