To Be Shakespeare, Or Not To Be Shakespeare?

"So if you're reading a work and something sounds too good to be true, you know where it's from. The rest, dear friends, is silence." - Thomas C. Foster, How to Read Literature Like a Professor, Chapter 6

This certainly seems like an interesting quote, but from what I make of it, it is incredibly accurate.  I never quite realized how prominent of a figure Shakespeare is in our culture today.  People constantly toss around "To be, or not to be," "Wherefore art thou, Romeo?" and other quotes from his works just during casual conversation.

I guess we have all just sort of put him to the side and ignored exactly how influential he has been in our nation's culture.


I agree, Shakespeare was so influential widely considered to be the greatest writer in the English Language. People today forget how much he contributed to literature. For example, I will eventually be taking a Shakespeare course and when it came up in conversation with friends there responses were negative. Mainly "why would you want to take that", "sounds boring", etc... People don't realize all that he's accomplished.

I did not know how popular he was in the time of the early Americans. I have not read him since high school and for some reason it sticks in my head that his work was so old (like the dinosaurs), well that is to a high school student but the truth is he lived in the late 1500's and was only 52 when he died. So this tells me that within 300 years his works were ranked right up there with the bible, which is an amazing accomplishment.

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