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Hello to all you readers!  My name is Allison Hall, but please, call me Ally.  I am currently a freshman at Seton Hill University and taking this lovely Introduction to Literary Study class taught by Dr. Jerz.  For this class, we are required to read the assigned readings (be it plays, poetry, short stories, or academic journals) and blog our responses to the readings with a quote and then our discussion of that quote.  Throughout the semester so far, I have gained a broader knowledge of how blogging actually works, and how to create a link back to another website (I had seen it in other places on my other, personal blog and had wondered about how to do it for years).  I've also tried to delve deeper into the reading and not just talk about the first thing that pops into my mind, but try for a deeper meaning of the text.  I hope whoever's reading this isn't bored to tears and enjoys what I've had to say so far this semester.

  • Parents, Discipline, and the Misfit  On this blog entry, I received 3 comments.  The students who commented agreed with my post, but also brought up new and different ideas as well.
  • There is no Book on Symbolism  This blog only got 2 comments, but Richelle's comment elaborated on what I wrote in my blog and I feel that it brought great, new ideas to it.

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Good work, Allison. I'm glad to see you're noticing how your thought processes develop. I think that awareness is the best thing you can get out of a college education, and you're already paying close attention to it.

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