Small Town Ideas

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"Literary geography is typically about humans inhabiting spaces, and at the same time the spaces that inhabit humans.  Who can say how much of us comes from our physical surroundings? ... Geography is setting, but it's also (or can be) psychology, attitude, finance, industry - anything that place can forge in the people who live there" (Foster, 165-166).

I never really thought about geography inhabiting humans, although now that Foster has brought it to light, I realize that this is true.  I am shaped by where I grew up.  My values reflect the attitudes of my hometown and I feel like I'm missing a piece of me being so far away from where I grew up (Grayslake, a town north of Chicago, IL).  Grayslake has formed my ideas on what is important to life -- growing up, most of my friends' parents were married, they had at least 2 kids normally, and a dog.  It was the typical suburb, but I wouldn't change that for anything.  It's important in a story for the characters to seem real, and a lot of time, the characters seem real because of the settings that seem all-too-real as well.

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