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October 02, 2005

Dead Man Walking

Amanda Nichols
Dr. Jerz
20 September 2005
Preordained Cruelty
I think the plays we read just keep getting better and better. I really enjoyed “Dead Man Walking”. Even though I have done papers and a speech on being against the capitol punishment before, after reading the play and seeing the film I feel even stronger against it. I felt sympathy for Matt throughout the play, especially towards the end. I think the author didn’t want the reader necessarily to feel sorry for him until his death neared because what he did was wrong and did indeed destroy the parents’ life. However, at the end Matt finally not only realized what he’d done, but admitted it to Sister Helen. I also felt really sorry for his family and that he couldn’t hug his mother before visiting hours were over. I’m glad he admitted to the crimes he committed at the end. All along I hoped he really was telling the truth, but I’m glad he cleared his conscience.
I felt the same way as several of my peers. Andy and I shared some of the same views about how strong of a person Matt was. He desperately needed someone to trust and as Andy said, “Helen was that person and she seemed to draw it out of him.” However, I still wonder if Helen picked up her cross necklace after going through the metal detector. Is that a significant part of the play?

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