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November 29, 2005

A Man for all Seaons (Part 2) Reflection

A Man for All Seasons (Act 2) Reflection
Overall I was not too fond of Bolt’s, “A Man for All Seasons”. It was difficult for me to understand and keep track of which opinion belonged to what character. After reading it I went to the blogs and read my peers’ entries and comments and got a better understanding of what had happened throughout the play. My agenda item was about an analogy between rain water and beer. It was difficult for me to understand a lot in the play so analogies were things I picked up on easily. Although my blog was not similar to any of my peers’ blogs, I found Andy’s blog interesting. He understood the play better than I did so his blog really helped me grasp a better idea of what was going on and what was significant. Andy said, “More is constantly being juggled from side to side, kind of like a good friend stuck in between a fight between other friends”. I thought that was a great way to show how More is constantly battling between being loyal to the King, his country, God, and even his family.

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