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November 29, 2005

Fences Reflection

Fences Reflection
Wilson’s, Fences, might as well been my favorite play we have read so far. The hardship, loss, and longing made it enjoyable and worthwhile to read.

TROY: (slow, melodically) Woman....I do my best I can do. I come in here every Friday. I carry a sack of potatoes and a bucket of lard. You all line up at the door with your hands out, I give you the lint from my pockets. I give you my sweat and my blood. I ain't got no tears. I spent them. We go upstairs in that room at night...and I fall down on you and try to blast a hole into forever. I get up Monday morning...find my lunch on the table. I go out. Make my way. Find my strength to carry me through to the next Friday. (Pause) That's all I've got Rose. That's all I got to give. I can't give nothing else.

I debated the entire play whether I liked Troy’s character or not. Although I did not think it was right that he was seeing another woman, I liked how his first priority was always providing for his family. In the above quote, the reader can see how dedicated he is to providing for them. I like how he says, “I give you the lint from my pockets”. That line really shows how he gives up everything and anything for his wife and kids. I thought for sure when Alberta got pregnant Troy would abandon her. Denamarie and I both blogged about similar events in the same. Dena explained how Troy showed his son, Cory, tough love. “He feels he owes to teach his son that you have to work at life to achieve something. Not just have everything handed to him”.

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