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November 29, 2005

Kindertransport Reflection

Kindertransport Reflection
For me, Samuels, Kindertransport was a quick and enjoyable read. Although it made me sad, I thought it was a great and well-written story. I really disliked Evelyn in the end. She abandoned her mother who did so much for her. At the age of eight, she sent her to England to save her life, spent almost ten years in concentration camps, and when she is finally free she goes to get her daughter who has forgotten and wants nothing to do with her. I think Evelyn was being terribly selfish and wasn’t thinking about how her decision would effect her in the long run. She thought the absence of her mother for so long had scarred their relationship to the point where it was impossible to fix, however, I think Evelyn definitely regrets the decision no matter how much she denies it in the end. Denamarie and I both agreed that Evelyn and her mother, Helga, did not have a great relationship at the end of the play. Evelyn doesn’t understand that Helga sent her away to England to save her life, and therefore holds it against her mother her entire life.

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