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February 27, 2006


Article: Kinghorn -- Jerz: Intro to Literary Study (EL150)

CLAIM: "The entire spectacle is bathed in eroticism."

Caesar notes that the dead Cleopatra looks as though she were asleep and could still rouse male desire.
"The Clown makes a crude sexual reference to a woman a 'a dish for the gods, if the devil dress her not'"
'The stroke of death', which Cleopatra likens to 'a lover's pinch/Which hurts and is desir'd' is another, interpretable as a delforation symbol."

WARRANT: Cleopatra is a symbol of sex even as she lies on the floor, dead, yet still rousing male desire and attention. It reminds me a little of Marilyn Monroe. It seemed like even thought Cleo was the queen of Egypt, she still had very little respect from men and even herself. These guys are checking her out when she's dead and she even compares the asps to having sex. The Clown says she's this big dish for the gods, if the devil didn't get to her first. SICK! It seems like no one here cares about this woman dying, but only how good she looks.

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