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April 23, 2006

Resurrection Blues 2

Miller, Resurrection Blues 2 -- Jerz: Intro to Literary Study (EL150)

I wasn't sure where to blog up to on this third day of Resurrection Blues, so the following contains events from the beginning of Act 3 until Act 5.

This play just keeps getting better and better.

I really enjoyed the end of Act 3 when Feliz is about to imprision Stanley and all of a sudden the Ralph man appears and then disappears in such a short amount of time. I definitely got really confused at this point because I guess I assumed this guy was just a bug fake; however, him disappearing like that was pretty abnormal and strange. I liked Stanley's last line in that scene after Felix presses him why the man came back:

I don't know!...Maybe to get your mind off me? I mean...it's possible, right? - for a friend?

I think Stanley is a clever guy. His last line really adds line and flavor to his character.

The end of Act 4 really captivated my interest, too. When Henri started explaining to Skip about Ralph not existing, I, too started wondering about this crazy guy. Does he really exist? Could "the whole story of the Jews in Egypt have simply been a poem?" I'm not saying I believe that some of history was just made up, but that's something I've never really thought about and it definitely caught my interest.

This last scene sparked my interest a lot to see what happens at the end of the play.

Posted by AmandaNichols at April 23, 2006 07:49 PM

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I think that it is very neat to read that Henri kind of believes in this Jack or Ralph character. It is ironic how he has faith in this man and doesnt know that he is what made his daughter regain faith in life again. I think that this book makes you think about things you never would think about until they were mentioned in the book. I also think that Henri's explanation of how the story of the Jews could have been just a big picture of imagination and not really what happened in their reality.

Posted by: Denamarie Ercolani at April 27, 2006 12:11 PM

When I read the Crucible, I thought Arthur Miller was just dry, but like you said Amanda, he certainly has me wondering what his characters will say next. I'd love to see what happens with this Ralph guy. Miller definitely knows how to keep us reading. I think the religious arguments about whether or not some Bible stories are myths are quite intriguing. Miller says just enough about it to cause excitement, but not enough to cause a riot, which is a plus.

Posted by: Erin Waite at April 27, 2006 09:05 PM

Likewise, I enjoyed Henri's idea of the biblical story being a poem. However the part that strikes me the most is when Jeanine is in the wheelchair talking to Henri. At this point, Henri is skeptical about Charley, however when he finds that his daughter loves him and believes and he sees the smile on her face, he knows that Charley has to be real and that his whole life up until that point has been a dream and he's getting a new start, a second chance.

Posted by: Andy LoNigro at April 28, 2006 12:09 AM

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