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May 01, 2006

Wit 2

Edson, Wit -- Jerz: Intro to Literary Study (EL150)

I thought there was another post for this on Friday, so I'm just posting this in two halves.

I definitely felt really sad after finishing this play. This poor woman who was such a fighter really took a drastic turn about halfway through the play. Her entire attitude changed and she almsot seemed like a different person. The cancer was taking over her and it was extremely evident.

Around page 58 was the first instance that we see Vivian as vulnerable. It is so obvious all she wants to do is have a normal conversation was someone, and all Jason could think about was whether or not there was something wrong with her. I felt so bad for the woman because it must have gotten so lonely there. Susie sort of saves the day a few pages later when her and Vivian share popsicles in the middle of the night. I really liked Susie's character here. To me, I think Vivian was most happiest at this point in the play: eating an orange popsicle with a friendly nurse. This is also when we see Vivian really lose control of her emotions. The pain must have really been intense because Vivian was such a strong character in the beginning.

It came so quikley, after taking so long. Not even time for a proper conclusion.

The conclusion of the play definitely was very fast-paced and sad. I thought Vivian was going to come back to life when the team was recesitating her while Jason and Susie were trying to tell them she was DNR. The whole scene was just tragic and upsetting. I felt Vivian really didn't have any respect shown towards her, especially when all the Code Team did was complain that the doctor called a Code on a No Code. I got really angry at them at that point because they sounded so selfish and showed no respect for someone that had just passed away.

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Wit 1

Edson, Wit -- Jerz: Intro to Literary Study (EL150)

I'm really enjoying this play so far. I absolutely love the character of Vivian. The audience learns very early on just how strong she is.

"Eight cycles of chemotherapy. Give me the full dose, the full does every time."

I really admire this character for being so strong after learning she has stage four of ovarian cancer. I cannot even imagine how devastated I would be if I were in her position, but Vivian is so strong about it and changes negative into positive.

One thing can be said for an eight-month course of cancer treatment: it is highly educational. I am learning to suffer."

Wow. That line really blew me away. Vivian knows there's nothing she can do about the cancer but bite the bullet and deal with it the best she can. Not once does she ever reveal any type of depressed or angry emotion towards the cancer that has taken over her body and I respect that so much. I was a bit curious about why she does not have any family visting or calling. I definitely think this is going to resurface later on during the second half of the play and I really am excited to learn why this is. Are they all dead (besides her parents) or does she simply not communicate with any of them. Also, I was wondering if she didn't have family, why doesn't she at least have friends that would care about her health? It seems like she is a very respectable professor and I can't imagine why she doesn't have any visitors.

I definitely laughed a lot during the pelvic exam part. I like Vivian's humor in this play and she really makes the situation real, and I cringed a few times thinking of what she is going through. I think I am enjoying this so much because Edson is taking an extremely serious and sad issue of cancer, and making it humorous. Vivian reminds me so much of my aunt who has had reoccurrring cancer for several years now. Like Vivian, she always seems to be smiling and laughing no matter how sick she is.

I'm curious to see how this ends.

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