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I had the opportunity to write a story on the honorís convocation. It was a great experience for me because I realized how much goes on when the average person isnít paying attention. It was an awesome experience and I learned a lot. There was an article in the Setonian about the convocation. Our articles contained mostly the same information however mine had a different focus than that of the Setonian.

My article was written with the focus of the freshmanís reaction to the convocation. David Denningerís, reporter for the Setonian, gave more of a coverage of the convocation. For example, he talked about who spoke and who won awards. In my article, I interviewed people who had ideas about what freshman thought about it. For instance, Pres. Boyle talked about how different this yearís freshman class is from others in the past.

Overall it was a great experience and Iím glad that I got the opportunity to talk to some of the faculty and talk to some interesting freshmen.

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