Steelers 05-06


The 2005-2006 football season for the Pittsburgh Steelers looks extremely promising. The team has great leaders in veterans like Hines Ward and Jerome Bettis. Also, great young talent is obvious in players such as Big Ben. I hope this season turns out as great as it looks on paper. Go Steelers!


It will turn out good, not great. Hines Ward, I doubt will put much effort into the season until he gets his new deal. Big Ben is only in his second season--his first FULL season. The Bus is out for awhile.

How do you feel about SHU's football team?

Big Ben's preseason display was pretty bad, so I hope he can pull it together before this Sunday. I hate to imagine having to rely on "Tommy Gun" for another season.

I am still on the fence with the Steelers. I do love the Steelers, as well as every other sports team in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati my two homes. Anyway, I am still on the Fence because yes as we all know pre season didn't show us any fireworks. The bus is hurt, Duce is hurt, Ben is only a sophomore, they draft a TE when they rarely use him, and for a spectacular more than 20 yards receiver they have none. Now their defense, like usual, has shown a lot of progress, but there offensive line needs to be a lot better if they expect Ben to excel. I try not to take much from preseason and I would much rather wait until the regular season starts to judge them. NOW if you want to talk about a Pittsburgh Team that looks spectacular lets take Penguins Hockey :)

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