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While I was in the process of writing a news article on Morgan Spurlock visitin Seton Hill, I had some very interesting experiences. The overall assignment was a pleasure to me because I not only wrote a news article, but I did so much more.

From this assignment, I got to watch two documentaries by Spurlock: "Super Size Me" and "30 days." Super Size Me was really interesting to watch. I learned so much that I didn't know about McDonald's food as well as learning some key points to Spurlock's character. 30 Days was just as useful. Instead of just being about him trying to live on minimum wage, he involved his wife as well.

From watching these, I kind of learned a little about Spurlock's character. He has a sense of humor and also has very interesting and strong points of view. His lecture could have been seen as controversial. Well, that's because it was. However, I went in with and open mind and came out learning a lot. The most interesting point for me was how funny he was. He was truly an entertainer and he really invovled the crowd.

He was helped out by Dr. Klapak, who I had the privelege of interviewing before the program. As I talked to Klapak, he said some very politically correct things, and some very pompous sounding sentences. But when he got up on stage to do the introduction, he had the audience rolling with laughter. I though that it was great to learn and have fun doing it. The laughter I feel brings so many more people to focus instead of sitting throught a long boring speech.

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