Brotherly Love

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For Hamlet, and the trifling of his favor, Hold it a fashion and a toy in a blood, A violet in the youth of primy nature, Forward, not permanent, sweet, not lasting, The perfume and suppliance of a minute, No more.

I find it very interesting that Laertes is being a good big brother to Ophelia. It's nice that he's looking out for her and warning against Hamlet possibly being dangerous to her. Ophelia is also very respectful to her brother and tells him that she is going take what he says to heart.

Polonius also gives Ophelia some advice about Hamlet. He advises her to take heed of him as well. She takes this to heart like she does with Laertes. This show the respect that Ophelia has because she takes the time to listen to others who are looking out for her.

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Yeah Ophelia really is understanding and obeys her father and brother all throughout the play.

Through the whole play, Ophelia is used by her father to get back at Hamlet, and used by the King to trap Hamlet, and ordered around by just about everyone. She's treated as a child, and probably has been her whole life.

Her obedience isn't necessarily a positive thing. She doesn’t know how to defend herself.

I wish i had a brother like that, well i wish i had a brother first. I think that he is looking out for her and that he cares for her. I think that Ophelia realizes that he knows what is best, as well as her father.

By the way Pedro, the immigration police called me and asked me if i knew you. You are in BIG trouble you border hopper.

I read the title of this entry and immediately thought, "HOW ironic!" Whereas Laertes was such a good brother to Ophelia, Claudius is such a horrible brother to King Hamlet. I thought that was interesting.

Andy, I pretty much wrote my response to this on my own blog.

Thank you for sparking an idea for me! But, to be frank, I think you are completely wrong! I think you see this as being kind and looking out for her, because that is what you would do. But, I don't see the way Laertes treats Ophelia as a good thing. Or Polonius. You'll see more later in the play, (if you haven't read it before) but I don't think anyone respects Ophelia and her feelings. Actually I think Ophelia is incapable of understanding her own feelings and thoughts because she is so busy being obedient all the time. She is a blank book that everyone writes in except her.

Lorin, I posted a response your blog on your blog! Thanks for the thoughts!

Hey Andy,
As I work on my blogging portfolio, I realised how rude I sounded when I said "I think you are completely wrong!" I just wanted to say I didn't mean to, and if I did I am sorry. That is one thing I hate about interaction over the internet. You can't use context clues like tone of voice to figure out how someone meant something. So for the record, I didn't mean to sound nasty, and in my head I was saying it very politely, really I was. See you in class in a bit!

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