Death - a servant?

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Death: Almighty God, I am here at your will,
Your commandment to fulfil.
God: Go thou to Everyman,
And show him in my name
A pilgrimmage he must on him take,
Which he in no wise may escape;
And that he bring with him a sure reckoning
Without delay or any tarrying.

I think that the role that Death plays in this story is very interesting. For someone that Everyman is so afraid of, you'd think that he could control himeself. I love how this play portrays Death as a servant to God. I know that many people think that life is a constant battle between the Lord and Satan, and to me Satan represents death. Everyman even offers Death money and riches to let him off the hook, however Death is so devoted to God that he doesn't waver at all.

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Yes, I've noticed that, too. The relationship between Death and God shows who the medieval church felt was really in charge.

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