Ironic connections

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I see many connections between the incident that has taken place in "A Christ Taken Prisoner" and the real betrayal of Christ.

Judas the actor and the real Judas both get paid to betray Christ. There is no doubt that the man playing Jesus was anything like Christ, however the prinipal still applies. Christ was taken a prisoner in both instances. St. Peter played the same role in the play as he did in real life. When Jesus was in the garden, Peter cut off the ear of a Roman soldier attacking him. In the play he took pity on the regugee playing Jesus and almost cleft the Aguazil's head in two.

The only difference (irony) is that this time, the Lord was set free and the Merchant, the Aguazil, and Judas were all punished. Irony once again.

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I didn't pick up on that. Good connection.

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