K.I.S.S. stands for Keep It Simple Stupid! Chapter 7 talks about attributive words and loaded words. As a novice newswriter I've found it hard to come up with different words to say the same thing. I don't mean synonyms, I mean not being repetitious. Cappon says in this chapter that "said usually says it best." What a relief! I find myself using other words in it's place, such as exclaimed, stated, declared, or added. Cappon says that these words are loaded meaning, it changes the tone of what's being said.

This chapter really helped me out. But, is it really that bad to use those words. Yes, technically they are incorrect, but I'm asking; are the readers really going to pick up on the different tone of the quote if they're are skimming throught the article, as most readers do?


In one part, it cautioned to not be repetitive within a 500 word radius; then, it says, don't use any words that are mind blowing.

This is tough to start.

Katie, I think that reference to not repeating a word within a 500-word radius is meant to be an exaggeration. The author is complaining about people who go to great lengths to find obscure ways to avoid repeating the word "said," when in fact "said" is perfectly useful.

It might be that the author was too flippant there, if the joke wasn't clear.

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