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On page 156 of "The Elements of Journalism," Kovach and Rosenstiel compare journalism to cartography. They refer to it as a social cartography: "If we think of journalism as a social cartography, the map should include news of all our communities, not just those with attractive demographics or strong appeal to advertisers. To do otherwise is to create maps with whole areas missing."

This passage relates to the conversation that arose in class today. The topic of newspapers changing was brought up. The Tribune Review has undeniably changed within the last two months to reporting on more Pittsburgh news than local news. Jay, felt that this was because newspapers will report on news that will sell. The biggest stories are happening in Pittsburgh, (a bigger city)and the Trib is competing with the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Referring to the passage above, newspapers should have a broad selection of articles from all of our communities, and not just appeal to advertisers, which is what the papers above are evolving to. It's all about money.

A few paragraphs below it says "Newspapers sell each paper at a loss. The twenty-five cents or even a dollar paid roughly only a fraction of what it costs to report, print, and deliver each copy. The rest is made up in advertising revenue." This once again shows how important the advertising has become in newspapers. Without all of the advertisments, it would be difficult to keep your company above water. But, how did they produce all of the papers years ago, when advertising wasn't as big as it is now. There must be a way to keep newspapers to inform people and not to sell products.

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