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I found the readings of Chapter 4 and 5 interesting. The one point that I found very important was on page 75 of chapter 4. The authors talked about how the questions that they ask for the surveys cause problems with the results. One of the questions was,

"Did any of your children ever go to bed hungry because there was not enough money to buy food?"

The families had to answer saying "yes" or "no". 33% of the families said "yes" to the first question. The next question,

"have you relied on a limited number of foods to feed your children?"

recieved 98% of "yes's."

The one common thing however is that none of these answers say anything about why there wasn't enough food.

The MOST interesting thing though is that 87% of the news stories covering the report "simply relayed the findings of the FRAC study to the public without negative criticism of any kind." No one did their homework

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