Oral Presentation

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Andy Lonigro
Prof. Jerz
EL 250

The oral presentation on Friday was an enjoyable experience for me as well as many of my classmates. I really enjoyed talking openly with my peers about different topics. The best part was learning how other people think and seeing how many issues are present in the text that I didn’t pick up on.
The five minute presentation taught me more than I thought it would. Earlier in the week I found it difficult to think of a topic that argued a similarity between the two plays. Once I took some time and looked at my favorite plays, I found a few interesting topics. I learned that sometimes it takes a little more effort than you want to give but once you do it, you really feel good about yourself.
I found that my peers taught me as well. As I said, they brought up points of interest that I never though about before. The great thing was that it wasn’t just a presentation about what they thought; it was open for discussion as well. I could ask questions if I didn’t understand and I could even add some input if it was worth bringing up.
In tenth grade, I took a public speaking class. I feel that it helped me with my speaking skills and instead of fretting as most people do. I was kind of excited to actually get to talk about something interesting in front of my class mates. I feel that my “speech” went very well. I think that I was calm and I had enough to talk about, and most of all I liked the atmosphere that we were in. Everyone was equal. We were sitting in a group of friends discussing literature rather than classmates doing work. It was really relaxing and I think that we should have class in that kind of environment more often.

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