Reflection of "The Jeweller's Shop"

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… Sometimes human existence seems too short for love. At other times it is, however, the other way round: human love seems too short in relation to existence – or rather too trivial.

In my opinion, this statement is so true, who one loves, seems so trivial to the existence of man kind all together. Don’t get me wrong, without love, everyone feels alone. In a sense we need some type of love to survive. However, in the great scheme of things, the intimate love of another human being, which I think Wojtyla is referring to, isn’t necessary in order to live a full life.
What he says at the beginning of this quote though is interesting as well. “Sometimes human existence is too short for love.” This statement may mean that in one’s lifetime they may not have a chance to experience true love. They may go through life without really loving another person.
Another view could be that the author is inferring that love is always going on between someone somewhere. In Teresa’s case, her husband died and their love was cut short. In Anna’s case, Stefan seemed to find that he never loved her in the right way and maybe he won’t have enough time to get back to where they once were. Amanda Nichols said, “I love how Wojtyla shows everlasting love…” I feel that he could indeed be showing everlasting love.
I wondered in this play what Adam’s role was. I think that maybe he is an angel sent to bring the whole situation together. He seemed to fix the situation in Anna’s life and in Teresa and Christopher’s as well. The author doesn’t give much background on his character so maybe he’s leaving up for interperetation.

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