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Is not all power on earth bestowed on us?
And therefore though we would we cannot e'er.
Behold this silver belt whereto is fixed
Seven golden seales fast sealed with seven seals,
In token of our seven-fold power from heaven,
To bind or loose, lock fase, condemn, or judge.
Resign, or seale, or what so pleaseth us.

I find that the number seven is significant for some reason in this play. The Pope in the dialogue above talks about the seven-fold power from heaven. Isn't it ironic that there are also seven deadly sins? Perhaps the seven-fold power that the Pope refers to is the opposites of all of the seven deadly sins. For example, instead of having pride you have humility. I'm not too familiar with the Catholic religion so if this has something to do with it please let me know.

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Remember that this is a vision of the papacy designed to entertain protestants who see Catholicism as a political threat. Popes don't typically threaten to kill their cardinals, for example. And the "Cursed be he who..." scene would be right at home in Monty Python's The Holy Grail.

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