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November 30, 2005

Do I want to be a journalist?

Now that the semester is coming to a close, and I've survived half a year of Newswriting, I find it an obligation to ask myself, do i want to be a journalist?

The answer for me is easy... NO. Now that doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy learning about newswriting, or I hate journalists. What I mean is that I had a blast in this class, however I don't think that this is a job that I would enjoy for the rest of my life.

The amount that I learned this semester is truly incomprehensible. Before this year started, I didn't know anything about journalism. And when say I didn't know anything I mean nothing! Now I feel like Dan Rather, well not really, but still I am extremely proud of my accomoplishments.

I found out how to interview people, how to write a NEW way (not always easy), and how to adapt to my surroundings. I don't feel however that this class only helped me academically.

The biggest thing that this class taught me was how to be social. I know that doesn't sound very productive but just hear me out. I guarantee that I would have never gone up to a total stranger and started a conversation before I had this class. In the interview process I found myself walking up to teachers, calling students on the phone, and e-mailing random people, to ask them questions. I ended up getting to know some of these people and I've even made some friendships from it.

The main thing that this class taught me was not to be afraid of what you don't know. I didn't know much about the people that I had to interview, and it turned out that they weren't half bad. Sometimes you just gotta suck it up and go talk to a stranger!

Posted by AndrewLoNigro at November 30, 2005 02:52 PM

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