One against the world

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CHAPUYS Must I require anything? After all, we are brothers in Christ, you and I!
MORE A characteristic we share with the rest of humanity. You live in Cheapside, Signor? To make contact with a brother in Christ you have only to open your window and empty a chamberpot. There was no need to come to Chelsea.

This passage occured near the beginning of the second Act. I think that coming out of intermisson, this line really puts you back into perspective. I really liked these lines because it shows how everyone is starting to get fired up by the king. Some in agreement with him. And some strongly disagreeing. With Chapuys pressuring More in this quote, it really shows that More isn't only taking heat from the king, he's taking heat from the catholics. He's stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I like how Bolt hinges this play on one man's point of view. It seems like a good was to show all of the sides to a story. More is constantly being juggled from side to side, kind of like a good friend stuck in between a fight between other friends. I think Bolt uses this to show King Henry's side of the issue, as well as the Catholic church's side of the issue. I like this strategy.

Although I enjoyed the play, I found the second Act to be harder to follow. It was difficult for me to keep track of where everybody stood on the issue. Especially after the jail scenes, it was hard to follow.

The message of the play was easy to understand however. COMMON MAN really spells it out at the end.

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