Reflection on Formal Oral Presentation

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The formal oral presentation was a great experience for me. I came to class with the points that I wanted to discuss, the questions that I had, and an open mind. I feel that I left with a pretty solid foundation for my paper to be built upon. It's great to have your peers and teacher help you on something that may be an obstacle to you.

My thesis is, "Diane Samuels uses tension between parents and children in 'Kindertransport' to show the importance of respecting one's heritage."

I feel that with this thesis, I can better discuss how a literary work can express a "real life" opinion or claim, instead of just talking about what real life situations are like. Instead of just bashing Faith for being a brat to her mother and disrespecting her, I now have learned throught discussion with Dr. Jerz and this presentation that there is reasons that she is upset. There is also reasons for everyone elses pain and problems.

This presentation helped me look deeper and I hope it will make my paper a success. If there are any thoughts or ideas that anyone has that would help my thesis or me, please feel free to comment!

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