Shut up and listen

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"While its possible to learn something from a focus group, or scientific survey, those techniques don't add up to listening." (69)

Simple, but true. How many times do we as journalists put our own ideas and thoughts into someone else's. For me, I have some very strong opinions that I try to keep an open mind on, but sometimes it's hard to learn new things when your mind is made up. With the simple skill of listening we learn so much new information.

Using the example in the text: just by commenting and reading these lists and discussions, Paul Gomes really learned more that he would have just using his knowledge.

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So true Andy. People often claim they listen to other's views and opinions, but really the whole time they still have it in their head that they are right and so even though they may "hear" what someone else has to say doesn't mean they "listen" to it and try to think about things from the other person's point of view.

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