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I read an interesting article in the Tribune Review. It was called "Public school is first in New Orleans to reopen since Katrina." I was looking for something interesting and something that dealt with human interest, and this is what I found.

The article was set up in the upside-down pyramid format. It wasn't difficult to read because the author didn't use uncommon language. The article itself was very objective and I feel that the author, Janet Guttsman, did a great job of letting the facts tell the story.

The reason I like this story so much is because it really exposed me. I know that sounds weird, but it did. It exposed my ignorance of the situations that face this country, such as natural disasters like Katrina. Being caught selfishly caught up in the issues of my personal life, whether it be complaining about the next assignment I have, or being depressed because we lost our last basketball game, I totally lost sight of how great my life is right now. I know everyone says, "don't take what you have for granted," but I just realized that I have been doing that.

The families in New Orleans have suffered some hard times, no doubt, but they're still suffering while I lay in my nice warm bed and sleep in comfort. It's astonishing to me that people in America can't participate in these same luxuries. And the worst part is, that it's not their fault, they didn't ask to be hit by a hurricane. They didn't ask for their families to be torn apart.

This article made me realize that yes, Katrina happened in the past, but there are still people suffering because of it. Children haven't been able to go to school since the disaster and they are just opened the first one on Monday. We don't understand all of the effects that are happening because of the hurrican such as this. This article really made me ask myself two questions:Would I want help if this happened to me? And what am I doing to help?

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Sounds like this particular human interest article has really sparked your human interest. Thanks for sharing your response.

I could not agree more Andy. I have come to the conclusion that this article is a really solid feature. Not only has it sparked my interest, but it has also given me a model as to how I should structure my article. I am really glad someone else got a lot out of this article, because I think that it needs to be brought to the attention of the other classmates. Rebuilding is more than important, and I think that it is one of the key focal points to grabbing the readers' attention. Great observation.

Really great observations, Andrew. I think one of the biggest problems is that after the initial response, people didn't feel that they needed to help anymore. People said, "I donated already" and that was it. The region is going to be crippled for a long time, and it will take more than a brief pick-me-up to fix this problem.

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