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I wasn't able to get a copy of the Trib for Nov 8. Instead, I read the online headlines at

The story I read was about a policeman who was shot over a year ago, and how is life is changed. The story was excellent and I found myself not able to stop reading. It kept my attention to the very end. What I found in the story that applies to our class is what we read about in the A.P Guide to newswriting. This story was extremely emotional. The amazing thing is that the author didn't try to make it that way. They simple stated the facts and let the readers decide how emotional it would be. I think this is a great example of not using too much "color."

"The small things that used to bother Hinchey no longer matter: toys scattered on the floor, the dog getting on the furniture, a messy kitchen. The family is stronger now, he said.

And he's eager to go back to work, even if it's a desk job.

'Being a cop is all I ever wanted to do,' said. 'I picked up a paper and looked through the classified ads, and I realized I'm totally unqualified to do anything else.'"

As shown in this quote, by asking the right questions, the author got an emotional viewpoint from the person that they were interviewing. They didn't need to add anything.

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I like your analysis of this article. You effectively point out how little details color a story. You also make me want to read this article.

good job at picking out the quotes. They did apply to the chapters we read. They were not as strong as some of the examples in the book, but they seem to help get an emotional point across to the reader.

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