We the Media Chapter 6 and 7

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"He is definitely not a wonk, but he knows clearly what he believes needs to happen for the country and its economy to prosper," Hammock wrote of Bush. "I don't think the circular arguements regarding 'what ifs' and 'what abouts' interest him. Nor me, for that matter."

In the above passage, Gillmor refers to a man by the name of Rex Hammock, who was involved in a meeting with the president. The meeting was supposidly closed off to the press, however, Hammock being an avid blogger, decided to clue the American public in on what he realized during this meeting.

What this shows us is exactly how hard it is to keep things secret anymore. How can the secret service not allow any members of the media in a meeting or a press conference? Especially since, we are all now members of the media, thanks to blogs. Anyone can blog anything at anytime. The only question is if the information blogged is truthful or not. (We had enough discussion about that in class already!)

The other interesting point that this brings up is that anything can be blogged at anytime, so events and other things that may have been not mentioned, or covered up in the past, are now going to become for open and public. And it's all thanks to, as Katie Lambert said in class today, "Blogs taking over the world!"

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