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In reguards to the discussion at the end of class today, I think that the ending of "Fences" gave a message of completeness. Gabe tried to blow the trumpet and it wouldn't work. He was discouraged but he didn't give up. Much like Troy didn't give up in his life. Then, when Gabe started to dance and sing, the gates of heaven were opened. I'm not sure why, but as I really liked this part. It hit me for some reason that Gabe didn't give up.

Perhaps Gabe's dance was a result of things being fixed. Cory had finally, made peace with his father and joined in song with his half sister, Raynell. They shared a moment of grief as they sang the song, and something seemed to connect between them even though they've never met each other before.

It's also interesting that Cory seems to be leading his life down a path that will not repeat his father's life. It seems that he has made a change and broke the chain.

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